3 points to keep in mind when undertaking your project

Have you decided to start your project as an entrepreneurial mother and offer your knowledge and services?

Do you suffer from vertigo? It is very normal. You have been training and learning about what you love and what you are so good at for a long time, but you have never started, you do not know what to take into account or what steps to follow.

To this is added that children and other obligations make you have less time than you would like…

I understand you perfectly, and that is why I want to share with you these tips that I consider essential so that you do not fall into the typical errors at the beginning that will make you lose money, energy and valuable time.

And now, I show you the three tips so that you do not fall into the mistakes of a beginner entrepreneur:

  • Be willing to learn. And it is that starting your project goes hand in hand with learning how to start it. This means that you should not only know about your specialty of coaching, yoga, food… but also about the elements that intervene at the time of create and develop a business.

In addition, most things will be completely new, because if you have worked for someone else, in your company there would be, among others, marketing and commercial departments that made the rest of the departments focus each on your plot.

Now with your own business, you will also learn and you will be responsible in the first place for everything.

  • Focus on a specialty. And when I say specialty, I am not referring so much to a specific technique, but to a specific client, with a specific pain or problem.

This is something that is hard to see when you’re starting out.

The first thing you think is that if you specify a lot in one type of client, you are closing doors to many other people who you could also help.

Nothing could be further from the truth. If you have a very general message, you will not be visible in such a wide market.

You will be like any other coach, therapist or advisor and you will not have the same credibility and authority with your clients.

Also, if you opt for a certain client (your niche), in the long run, you will become more and more specialist because you will have worked with more of these types of clients and you will be able to understand them much better because you will be focused on those types of difficulties and It will allow you to improve your own work system to be more effective.

In one case or another, it is important to understand the readiness for work before starting. Start with get resume, get a big picture of your professional activity, your skills and abilities.


Think about it, imagine that you have a behavior problem at home that worries you a lot with your child. Who would you prefer? To a psychologist who visits children so much, does couple therapies, works with anxiety problems and helps you quit smoking; or one that specifically addresses children’s behaviors at home?

  • Focus on what is important, especially at the beginning. A business has many things to think about (web development, logo, graphic image, social networks…). All of this is very good, but to begin with, what you have to work on is the definition of your project
  • Who are you, who do you help and what is your differential value?

The risk of not focusing on that first is that you start to develop other aspects of your business that later you will end up changing because they do not represent you and are not in coherence with your professional profile, and it is usually something that you realize later, after having invested time and effort in your project.

And when you speak, your main message has to be about that, his “pain”. “I help you regain your figure after childbirth” is much better understood than “Hypopressives to work your abdomen”.

At the end of the day, what your client seeks is to recover his figure, not so much if he has to do hypopressives, yoga or Pilates to achieve it.

In a second step, it will be when you can explain to your client why you and your specialty can help her specifically with her problem.

Tell me, which of these elements are you going to start with? Which one is the most difficult for you? I’d love to read you in the comments.

Take the first steps in creating your digital coaching, nutrition, therapy or consulting business, and get more freedom and time for you and yours.

Become an entrepreneurial mother at your own pace and at your own pace.